holiday decoration tips without roofing damage

Holidays season truly is a magical time. Many of us enjoy decorating our homes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Installing Christmas lights on the roof can be dangerous and even cause a roofing problem. To make holiday preparations more pleasant and avoid unnecessary roof damage, United Contractors has prepared a simple roof decoration guide. These useful decotarion tips will help you to make sure your roof is in perfect condition after bright holiday season!

“Shingle” Bells.

As a local Myrtle Beach roofing contractor, we strongly recommend avoiding installing lights and other decorations directly on roofing shingles. Even a very small penetration in a shingle can become a source of a roofing leak. Potentially it can cause mold growth and rot. Installting lights using clips that attached to gutters is a great alternative which will help to avoid roofing damage.

Don’t Rip the Lights Off.

Dissembling holiday decorations in a rush by pulling them off the roof can have bad consequences too. Damage to gutters or roofing shingles can be expected in this situation. United Contractors suggests removing each clip individually and with care. Invest a little bit of time in proper dissembling of holiday decorations. It can save you a lot of money on professional roof repairs in Myrtle Beach.

No Shock!

United Contractors recommends to ensure that decorations are unpluged when it is time to take them down. Please do not overload the breaker, as it is a huge fire hazard during holiday season.

Friend’s Helping Hand.

As a local roofing company in Myrtle Beach, United Contractors recommends asking a friend to assit you with decorating your home. A friend can guard the ladder or hand over the decorations. It is also more fun to install holiday decorations with a buddy.


United Contractors wishes everyone a very Happy Holiday Season full of bright and memorable events!

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