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Whether or not you choose United Contractors Roofing as your preferred contractor, our mission is to educate you on the whole process of getting a new roof, from start to finish, so you don’t end up with any unexpected surprises that could cost you thousands.

We once had a client come to us who had previously decided to choose a competitor because all she was concerned about at the time was cost, and, to be fair, they were providing her with a quote that was far cheaper than other contractors in the area.

For the purposes of this story, I will refer to her as Sandra, that wasn’t her real name as we want to protect her identity. We also won’t name the roofing company in question.

Anyway, all seemed well with the work that was completed and Sandra was pretty happy with the job. Most of all, she was ecstatic that she had a few hundred extra bucks left in her pocket – because, who wouldn’t be?!

The problems started to arise around three months after the project was completed.

Initially, the problem was that there were a few leaks around the house, which was starting to cause mold in her property and it was damaging her flooring. So, she decided to reach back out to the roofing contractors she’d entrusted in earlier in the year.

She hoped that this was a simple mishap with some of the work and they’d be more than willing to come rectify the issues.

However, after a few days of chasing up the contractor and getting no reply to her calls, she found out that the company she’d hired for her roof repairs had gone out of business.

Sandra reached out to us through a friend’s recommendation in a hope that we could rectify the situation for her.

First up, we had to do repairs to the roofing job. There were several areas of the roof where the shingles had been installed incorrectly which is what lead to the leaks in her home. In addition to this, the quality of the shingles used by the original contractor were subpar.

With us, Sandra opted for a high quality, mid-priced shingle; the Timberline Lifetime Shingle. It’s the most popular choice of shingle across North America and provided Sandra’s home with high fire resistance, protection against winds of up to 130mph and a 25-year warranty on labor.

We also deemed it necessary to add some roof deck protection, to help protect her roof’s decking should a severe storm hit her neighborhood. We chose Tiger Paw Roof Deck protection, a popular GAF certified product which adds an additional layer of protection against rain and other types of moisture that could get into your roof.

Finally, we worked on the ventilation in the roof, which was a likely contributing factor to the mold in Sandra’s home. The long-term benefits of fixing this issue will result in a reduction in Sandra’s energy costs and will minimize the likelihood of her roof deck warping and cracking in the years to come.

We decided a ridge vent was the best course of action for her home, as she lives in a rather humid area, and it perfectly suited to her style of roof.

Though United Contractors were able to assist Sandra in repairing her roof, she ended up having pay $25,000 in out of pocket expenses to restore her home and fix the damage that the previous contractors caused. Her premium wood flooring had to be replaced and she also had to hire more contractors to eradicate the mold issue so that it wouldn’t come back in the future.

We feel that had she been a little more educated in the whole roofing process from start to finish, she could have avoided the fly by night contractor and saved herself thousands.

If you’re considering carrying work out on your roof, give us a call, we would be happy to fully educate you on the products and services we can provide and even give you a few hints and tips in what to look for in a reputable contractor – even if you choose not to go with us!

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