flood remodeling tips

We understand that due to severe weather conditions many homeowners and business owners are currently under a lot of stress. Roof leaks, water damage and flood can be extremely harmful for any property. United Contractors has prepared a simple first response guide to repairing your flooded home. We sincerely hope this information can be useful and helpful.

 Step 1. Take care of yourself first!

You and your family have been through a disaster. With roofing repairs, clean up and other types of renovations awaiting you, take a moment to look after yourself and your family. Your biggest enemy in any emergency situation is stress. Keep your family together, share your problems, rest often and try to eat well.

Step 2. Set a schedule.

As a local Myrtle Beach roofing contractor, United Contractors knows that sometimes roofing repairs and flood renovations can be very chaotic. You simply cannot organize a roof replacement,  water restoration service and a drywall repair all at the same time. Establish a manageable rebuild and repair schedule. Hire a professional contractor to assist you.

Step 3. Check your home before you go in.

It is very dangerous to go into your home as flooding may have caused electrial, structural, roofing problems and many other hazards. United Contractors highly recommends hiring professional and licensed roofing and remodeling contractors in Myrtel Beach, if you don’t have any experience in electrical, remodeling or roofing services.

Things you will need when it is safe to return home:

  1. Flashlight
  2. First aid kit
  3. Battery operated radio
  4. Waterproof boots
  5. Safety clothing and hard hat
  6. Gloves
  7. Dust mask
  8. Tools
  9. Drinking water
  10. Trash bags
  11. Cleaning supplies

Step 4. Health precautions.

Assume that any object that was touched by floodwaters is contaminated! Make sure to disinfect everything.  Washing your hands frequently is a great idea.

Step 5. Get organized.  

Assessing your damage and creating a remodeling plan is an organized and most effective approach after the disaster. First step in a recovery plan is to contact your insurance agent. Check your insurance policies to find out what type of damage is covered. Start lisiting the damage (taking pictures and videos) to facilitate insurance claim process.

Step 6. Dry out your home.

Floodwaters affect a home 3 ways: water damages materials, creates health hazard due to mud and other contaminants in the water, and promotes mold and mildew growth.  It is important to lower the humidity in home, discard any debris and drain the ceilings and walls. Check more detailed step-by-step guides on how effectively dry out your home.

Step 7. Rebuilding tips.

Giving your home essential amount of time to dry out is important before starting any renovation and rebuilding. Please keep in mind that electrical, roofing services and concrete work is better to trust to remodeling professionals. If you require professional contractors services, check for remodeling company’s reputation, license and insurance.

As one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Myrtle Beach, United Contractors can help you with roof leak repairs and roof replacement services. We specialize in shingles, metal roofing services and flat roofing systems. United Contractors also provides Thermal Imaging Inspections in Myrtle Beach. Thermal imaging camera is the most advanced and accurate method to locate hidden roof leaks, moisture problems or insulation issues.

Please contact United Contractors to set up your free consultation today!

[Information source: American Red Cross].



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