My roof is leaking. How to spot and what to do?

How to spot a leak in your roof and what to do in this case?

Even minor roof leaks can become a major problem. They can lead to mold formation which in turn can cause health issues if people are exposed for lengthy periods. Not only that, but with electrical equipment in every room of a home or every area of a business premises, a small leak can quickly turn into a major cost to repair damaged technology.

But spotting roof leaks is not always easy. Small but persistent issues may not see a large water flow. And instead generate damp that may not be immediately visible. In situations where there is a buildup of moisture, knowing exactly where it is coming from is not always straightforward either.

Identifying a roof leak


There are a few signs to look out for that help you quickly identify a roof leak:

  • Water on the Ceiling – This is one of the more obvious signs you have a problem, but don’t assume the leak is right above it, water can flow around joists and walls to collect at a specific point
  • Sagging Ceiling – If your ceiling seems to be sagging, or suspended ceiling tiles are becoming discolored, that can be a sign of a roof leak, even if there is no obvious water or damp.
  • Mold or Mildew – If you find roof spaces have high levels of mold or mildew, or the upper parts of walls show signs of mold or damp, it can signify there is a persistent leak.
  • Missing tiles or other damage – If you can see missing tiles, panel damage or other issues with the roof from the outside, you may have a leak, even if there is no obvious signs of water or damp internally.

What to do if you spot a roof leak?


If there is water pooling, your first action should be to protect the area. Move any electrical or vulnerable items away from danger and user plastic sheets, buckets or whatever you have available to collect and dispose of the dripping water.

Once you have taken the emergency measures needed, or if you find damp or other signs of roof leaks that don’t present an immediate problem for your possessions and equipment, then it is time to think about roof repair.

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