custom wrought iron gates myrtle beach sc

You are looking for a New Fence or Gates for your beautiful home… It takes consideration and a lot of research before installing a new fence. It is pretty understandable, since the fence is not something you will be able to change from year to year. It is a choice that will last for many more years.

Custom Wrought Iron Gates

In this blog post, United Contractors – your local Myrtle Beach Contractor – will focus on discussing two of the more popular types of fences, considering theirs benefits and disadvantages. Hope it will help you to make your decision a little bit easier.
We are going to discuss Aluminum and Wrought Iron fences.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Myrtle Beach Wrought Iron Fencing is one of the few things that will look great with age. Even after getting a bit weathered, Wrought Iron Fence will look great, unlike wooden fences that are not so good-looking without a fresh coat of paint every year. Most homeowners immediately fall in love with iron type of fencing, as it is elegant, stylish and attractive option for your property.


Easily Modeled According to Your Needs, Size and Style
Being an ancient craft for many centuries, iron hand-forging now has reached great improvements as far as range of styles and designs. The market is full of pre-made designs for fences, but if you are not able to find something that suits your vision, consider Myrtle Beach Custom Wrought Iron Fence. Placing some additional decorative details, such as your initials or your family crest if you have one, is a great way to make your fence one-of-a-kind.

Durability – Lifetime Fence
Who doesn’t want to invest money in something that is a high-quality product that also is very durable and beautiful? Sounds as the ultimate home improvement project to us! To back this up, annual Remodeler’s Magazine Cost vs. Value Report names home improvement projects that involve exterior replacements as the most valuable ones, so if you are thinking to replace your old fencing and gates with a Myrtle Beach Custom Wrought Iron Fence, it is a great investment in your home that will significantly increase your curb appeal. Get inspired by antique wrought iron works in old buildings, did you notice they are still gorgeous as when they were first installed? Actually you can even say that the older iron fences get, the better they become. We believe that even with a little bit of rust in some places, Wrought Iron Fences still look enchanting, and it actually gives the fence some personality, making them attractive for so many people and homeowners.
Wrought Iron Fence is known for taking on much more heavy usage and can last for many more years than traditional fencing. So if you anticipate the frequent usage, Wrought Iron is the way to go.

Only Wrought Iron Fence can guarantee unsurpassed protection for your home. If you value your peace of mind and security of your loved ones, Myrtle Beach Wrought Iron Fence is the best option for you and your household. Give yourself privacy you deserve with United Contractors’ Custom Wrought Iron Works.

Easy Maintenance
Unlike wooden fences, which not only deteriorate easily within time and ask for a regular maintenance, your new Wrought Iron Fence is so simple to take care of. We will be sharing some useful tips on maintenance for Wrought Iron Works in our next blog post, stay tuned!


The Price
Of course, if you go with an over-the-top Custom-made Wrought Iron Fence, the price might be really high, especially if you have a big area to cover, but don’t forget that this type of fencing is very cost-effective, so it is a good investment for your property. Also, if you really think about it, because its high durability, Myrtle Beach Wrought Iron Fence will probably outlast you, which makes it very much worth the price.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum Fence is a popular choice for many homeowners. It does replicate the look of Wrought Iron Fence, but it doesn’t not offer its qualities. Let’s look closer and discuss some benefits and disadvantages of this type of fencing.

Aluminum Fencing is more maintenance free compared to other fence types. It offers a wide selection of styles and you can get creative with it as well. Aluminum has several grades you can choose from.

Aluminum is very prone to damage. It will never offer you the security of Wrought Iron Fence. Installation process might become a problem as well, as Aluminum Fence requires more specialized tools.

Making the Ultimate Choice

Hunting for style, elegance, aesthetic design, bold statement, protection, curb appeal, and endurance? Your answer is Myrtle Beach Custom Wrought Iron Fence.
Looking for a way to save money by sacrificing the look, safety features and durability? Go with simple Aluminum Fence.

Best advice – consider your goals and budget. Just remember that old and terrible looking gates and fence will give a poor impression and will lower the value of your property. New fence will make a difference. Whether your home is Tuscan, Country or Contemporary, fence along with the gate will play a big role in making welcoming impression and boosting your curb appeal. When choosing this architectural element for your home, look for something that will speak to you showing your pride in the home and unique vision.