Windstorm – What To Do & How To Prepare?

Every year we all have to deal with windstorms in and around Myrtle Beach.  Staying safe in severe weather is incredibly important of course. And in any windstorm or other weather event, you should focus on maximizing the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

However, there is no question that when it comes to severe windstorms, your home can take a battering too. And if you have time to do so safely, there are a few things you can put in place to better protect your property. And hopefully avoid needing emergency roof repairs and other expenses as a result.

Preparing for a storm


To have time to prepare for a storm means staying informed. Radio, TV and State websites will provide plenty of warning about local windstorms. So always check for issues heading towards your area.

With that kind of warning, you can make preparations beforehand, and that begins with the outside of your home. If possible, take your vehicles, garbage cans and anything else that you keep outside such as your barbeque and patio furniture, and secure everything in your garage or other sheltered area.

Don’t be tempted to think that patio chair only cost a few dollars so it doesn’t matter. It is not the chair you should worry about, but what it hits at 100mph that can cause costly damage. A flying object is the quickest way to end up needing storm damage roof repairs after the storm is over. Use tie downs or sandbags to secure anything outside that is too big or heavy to move  during the storm. You may think they won’t move, but its better to be extra cautious.

If you have storm shutters, now is the time to close and secure them all, along with all exterior doors too. In case don’t have shutters, make sure all windows are closed and locked. With everyone inside, including your pets, you are ready to sit out the storm.

Be proactive


Living in an area prone to windstorms, we can do more than that though. By being proactive with our preparations for windstorms, we can all make sure our homes are ready. For instance, high winds are quick to find any weakness in decking or roofing, so it pays to get Myrtle Beach roofing professionals to take a look at your home every year before storm season to make sure there is no lingering issue that a storm could make a lot worse.

That way, the next wind storm Myrtle Beach experiences, you can be prepared and confident your roof will be fine. Our experienced team are here to help with your storm preparations, both with emergency roof repairs should the worst happen, but also with maintenance checks to help you avoid problems in the first place.

Call us today for fast, friendly service and advice on your roof. Make sure you and your loved ones will be safe during the next storm!
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