Prices are skyrocketing in roofing industry

prices rise in roofing

It is no secret that almost everything is getting more expensive, and unfortunately prices skyrocket in the roofing industry as well. Roofing repair costs have gone up substantially. So we can see new roof prices going up by over 20% in a single year. However, this is not the result of profiteering from roofing companies. It is an industry wide problem that is causing a lot of problems for roofers. Same as for those looking to replace or repair their roofs.

If you have recently thought about roofing in Myrtle Beach, you will have seen first hand that both roofing repair costs and new roof prices have risen substantially. And you’re wondering what is driving that increase?

Material Shortages means higher prices


The roofing industry today is still suffering from shortages for many materials. And as we all know, if something is in short supply, it goes up in price. In fact, these shortages were initially caused by the global pandemic. Since shutdowns led to a loss of inventory and the initial rise in costs.

Today, demand still exceeds supply. Also other factors including increased storm activity have meant producers still struggle to catch up with the pent-up need for material. Myrtle Beach roofing is as affected as anywhere, and roofing repair costs have risen as a result. In 2021 alone we saw four separate material price rises. So it is no surprise that new roof prices have risen in that time, with some instances of material costs rising by 20% since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Prices go up, they rarely go down


The other problem for new roof prices and roofing repair costs is that now manufacturers have pricing at these higher levels, they are unlikely to lower them again any time soon. Even materials that become easier to keep in stock as the effects of the pandemic lockdowns are finally behind us are still costing more.

For anyone looking for Myrtle Beach roofing, the reality is that, while costs may eventually come down again, for the foreseeable future it is simply going to be more expensive to repair or fit a new roof in most situations.

Is there anything you can do?


Unfortunately, it is unlikely we will see material costs returning to pre-pandemic levels any time soon. But that doesn’t mean you are stuck. At United Roofing Contractors we are committed to not just the finest quality work, but offering the best value possible for every customer.

Part of that is constantly seeking the very best prices on the materials we need. That has become essential in recent times. Our team spend significant time seeking value from our material purchases. And we can continue to offer the best Myrtle Beach roofing prices possible. Whatever the project, we will strive to deliver the lowest cost without ever compromising quality of materials or our work.

If you need roofing repairs, replacement roofing or a new roofing installation on residential or commercial property, call United Roofing Contractors today and have confidence that we will offer the best value possible for any project.



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