Style Guide

roofing style guide

Shopping for a New Roof in Myrtle Beach that expresses your Personal Style?

As a GAF Certified Roofing Contractor in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas, United Contractors Roofing can make the process of choosing a new roof easier and more fun! The new GAF Roofing Style Guide can help you not only to meet your requirements for your new roofing system, but also to express your unique taste and style! Mix and match. Try on different shingles and pick the right color. It is simple and fun with United Contractors Roofing and GAF!

Colors That Tell Your Story

The colors that you choose for your interior and exterior design can tell a lot about your personal style and taste. Find out more about different colors with the help of HGTV’s color expert Genevieve Gorder: ” I think the roof is often an overlooked element in the exterior design planning of a home. The roof, on the exterior is similar to your floors in the interior, they both make up about 30% of the surface area, so what you choose has a big impact on the aesthetic as a whole. So, how do you choose the right color for your home? Click on the picture above to find out.”

Colors That Tell Your Story

If you live in…
Warmer Climate – Consider lighter colors that will help to reflect heat.
Cooler Climate – Consider darker colors that will help to retain heat.

Your color palette
Do not try to match the roof color with the main color in your exterior. Think about 4-5 other colors within the exterior that will complement the main color of your house.

Colors of your environment
Let the color of your roof blend into the nature of your environment for a seamless and natural aesthetic.

Dress up your home!

“Dress up” your home with a new roofing system! Find the right roof that fits your personal taste and needs. Mix & match and try on different styles, just like you choose an outfit for yourself. Start with a house close to yours or upload a picture of your own. This fun experience will help you to see how different types and styles will look like on top of your roof.

Express Your Style

Getting roofing clues from your shoes! This is a fun and alternative way of finding the shingle that speaks to you. Pick your shoe style and this will lead you to the right shingle for your roof.