Selecting Color for Your New Roof

selecting a color for your roof
Are you building a new home or replacing your roof? Choosing the right material, color, and everything concerning your roof can be a big decision that will not only affect the appearance of your house but also the maintaining cost of it. A roof covers about 40% of the visible exterior, depending on the style of your house. You want to come up with the best roof color and the right house color combinations. There are many things to consider when selecting color for your new roof. In this article, we will look into how to find the best color for it.

Coordinate with your house color

Whether you are doing a roof replacement or roofing a new house, ensure that the color of your roof is consistent with the home’s exterior. For example, if the house is warm-colored in a shade such as rusty tan, you can pick a roof with a matching warm shade.

Consider the environment

Your roof color will affect the internal temperature of your house. By selecting the right color for your area, you will save energy by reducing either the heating or cooling of your house. If you live in a cold area, you need dark shade, and if you live in warm areas, you should consider light roofs.

The size of your house

The size of your house is a major consideration when choosing the color of your roof. Light shades look bigger, while dark shades look smaller.

Be consistent with the standards in the neighborhood

When choosing colors, consider the colors of your neighborhood as well. This is especially important when the homes are close to each other. Many people do not want their houses to be the most identifiable. However, this will depend on the neighborhood. You can build in an area where people use colors of their choice. In other areas, you will have no option but to stick to the colors set out in the neighborhood, especially where the neighborhood has an association.

Consider your house’s architecture and setting

When choosing the color of your roof, consider the architecture of your house. The setting of your home may not blend with some colors, while it will look perfect in others.

Carefully mix patterns

You can mix patterns to produce a spunky, unique look for your home. However, this can be too much if you have stark color contrast. Everyone wants their house to have a positive view of their personality. When mixing the colors for your roof, go for one small and one large print. Ensure that the two types of shingles are in complementary colors. If you do not want very different colors, get colors that have slightly different shades of the same color.

If you are looking for a roof color, consider different aspects such as your house size, wall patterns, natural lighting, architecture style, available materials, and the area climate. Ensure that you consider your tastes and preferences because you need to live in a house that you are proud of.

How can we help you? 

If you are looking for help in choosing the color of your roof, contact us for assistance. We will send inspectors to your home for a detailed discussion about all the factors. Our experts are well qualified and with all the certifications from the different state departments. Our roofing experts have been in this business for more than 15 years and will guarantee you the best quality of work. Call us today through our official line (843) 455-4350 or fill out this form and get the quality of roof you are looking for.






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