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Thermal Imaging in Myrtle Beach SC

As one of the most trusted roofing contractors in North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach area, United Contractors utilizes the latest technologies in roofing and construction industry.When dealing with roof leaks or water damage, it is important to accurately locate the problem and to a do roof repair in a timely manner. But how do you ensure the exact location of a roofing leak was repaired? What if you cannot locate the roof leak? Are you sure it is a roofing leak and not an insulation problem?

Infrared Inspection in Myrtle Beach

Infrared Inspection or Thermal Imaging Inspection is a non-invasive technology that allows to see various issues in an accurate manner. Whether it is a residential inspection or commercial inspection in Myrtle Beach area, thermal imaging can show you if you have any water damage, heat loss or misplaced insulation.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Why to do Thermal Imaging Inspection in Myrtle Beach?

Preventive maintenance can be the saver to many problems associated with roofing and energy costs. Homeowners and commercial building owners can expect to save thousands in replacement costs and emergency repair costs. Regular roof and overall maintenance extend the life of every building.

Consider having an Infrared Thermal Inspection when buying a new home. Do you want to be able to see the structure of your new home? Would you like to check insulation and other components to make sure the perimeter is properly sealed and energy efficient? Thermal Imaging in Myrtle Beach area can help you to find out if you are really getting good quality home that is built according to the most advanced building codes.

Myrtle Beach Thermal Imaging or Thermography is the best way to identify:

– Misplaced, damaged or wet insulation
– Heat loss
– Air infiltration in walls, floors, ceilings
– Hidden roof leaks
– AC unit leaks
– Overloaded circuits
– Electrical panels overheat
– Unknown plumbing leaks
– Overheated equipment

Thermal Imaging by Myrtle Beach Roofing Contractor

United Contractors is one of the most trusted roofing companies in Myrtle Beach area. We offer Thermal Imaging Inspections when dealing with hidden roof leaks, water damage and any other home improvement issues. Infrared Inspections in Myrtle Beach are provided for both residential roof inspections and commercial roof inspections. Thermal Imaging is a great way to keep up with regular roof maintenance and save on roofing repairs in Myrtle Beach.

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