United Contractors Roofing is a trusted local general contractor that offers complete residential and commercial roofing services. We are also among a select number of SC Safe Home Program certified roofing contractors in the area, and are dedicated to increasing your property’s resistance to hurricanes, high winds and other forces of nature.

We're an Approved Contractor for the South Carolina Safe Home Program

In this post, you’ll learn more about the SC Safe Home Program and how it can benefit you.

The South Carolina Safe Home Program

The South Carolina Safe Home program, administered by the South Carolina Department of Insurance, offers grants to qualified homeowners as an incentive to increase their property’s resistance to hurricanes and high winds. In addition to better protecting homeowners and their belongings, the improvements covered by the program result in less property damage, lower or fewer insurance claims, and reduced insurance premiums for all South Carolinians. Note that these grants are restricted to certain types of retrofits, home repair and improvements, and can’t be used for new construction.

Qualified homeowners in the low- to moderate-income bracket can receive a $5,000 grant that can be used to retrofit and strengthen a roof. Recently, the program has also been extended to those with higher incomes, providing a dollar-for-dollar matching grant for improvements up to $4,000.

What Our Safe Home Contractors Do

Not all contractors in Myrtle Beach are certified by the SC Safe Home Program. As an approved contractor, United Contractors has passed all required training and qualifications, and offers a range of services designed to bolster your home’s weather resistance. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Strengthening roof deck attachments
  • Installation of wind-rated roof coverings
  • Bracing gable ends
  • Installation of secondary water barriers
  • Installation of protection for openings such as windows, doors and garage doors
  • Repair or replacement of home piers, tie-down straps and anchors

As residents of coastal South Carolina, we have in-depth knowledge of the kind of weather your home experiences throughout the year. Our comprehensive services can fortify your home and safeguard your family from the worst weather. Learn more about how to apply for an SC Safe Home grant.

United Contractors Roofing also installs metal roofing, a great option for wind-prone areas. Call us today at (843) 376-1499 for more information. We serve homeowners throughout Conway and Myrtle Beach, SC.